Healthtech Summit 2016

A visual tweet stream of Healthtech Summit 2016.

These are very exciting times in our industry and the 7th edition of the Healthtech Summit, which I had the honour to chair, has been really living up to its expectations.

If we needed any proof that digital health is the future of medicine here in Europe, one only needs to look at the fact that, of the numerous start-up submissions we received this year, in excess of 60% were focused on or related to digital health.
All of the submissions were worthy of attention and praise, with only the complaint that our two Selection Committees were pushed to the limit to be even more methodical and discriminating in their selection process.

This year’s summit focused on the therapeutic promise that healthtech can fulfil, the critical factors to consider in its evolution, and of course on the enterprising start-ups that our committee selected for their ability of bringing the therapeutic potential of healthtech closer to clinical reality.

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