StartUp Health at Frontiers Health 2019 [ENGLISH]

Today, 600+ health innovators from investment funds, life science companies, digital health hubs, insurance companies, and health tech startups are converging in Berlin’s Axica Conference Center to kick off the 2019 Frontiers Health conference. The event has fast become one of the premiere conferences in the digital health space. In addition to offering a vibrant backdrop of culture and history, the German-capital is ground zero for the country’s recent efforts to modernize their healthcare system. After decades of stagnancy, the German healthcare system opened its public health market to digital innovations this year, with the passing of the DVG (Digital healthcare law) in parliament.

“Frontiers Health has become a true platform for the digital health innovation ecosystem to thrive,” said Roberto Ascione, CEO at Healthware Group and former Chairman at Frontiers Health in an interview with StartUp Health last year. “It’s a unique global gathering of people driving the digital transformation of health and fostering collaborations and convergence between industry players in pharma, consumer health, device, insurance and innovative start-ups.”

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