The narrative based medicine and new technologies (Workshop)The narrative based medicine and new technologies (Workshop)

1 February 2018 – Rome, Italy
Topic: Talk about the importance of the role of start-ups in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches



J.P. Morgan 36th Annual Healthcare ConferenceJ.P. Morgan 36th Annual Healthcare Conference

8-11 January 2018 – San Francisco, California
Topic: Conference Delegate



Startup Health Festival 2018Startup Health Festival 2018

8-9 January 2018 – San Francisco, California
Topic: Conference Delegate



StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017

18 December 2017 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Future of Health Session Speaker



SMAU Napoli 2017SMAU Napoli 2017

14-15 December 2017 – Naples, Italy
Topic: Startup in Campania: politiche e strumenti Panel Speaker



TechTour: Life Science and Health Investor LunchTechTour: Life Science and Health Investor Lunch

30 November 2017 – Helsinki, Finland
Topic: Member of the Jury



German-Italian Innovation ConferenceGerman-Italian Innovation Conference

29 November 2017 – Berlin, Germany
Topic: Breakout Session VI: The challenge of digital healthcare: bringing new life in Life Sciences?



Frontiers Health 2017Frontiers Health 2017

16-17 November 2017 – Berlin, Germany
Topic: Conference Chairman



Festival della ScienzaFestival della Scienza

30 October 2017 – Genoa, Italy
Topic: Vision on the future of the pharma industry



Tech Tour 2017 Italian Healthcare Venture ForumTech Tour 2017 Italian Healthcare Venture Forum

11-12 October 2017 – Turin, Italy
Topic: Expert Jury | Towards a Digital Health Future Talk



HEROES Euro-Mediterranean Co-innovation FestivalHEROES

21-23 September 2017 – Maratea, Italy
Topic: Building a Digital Health Future Keynote | E-Health. Innovation and technology for wellness and health Panel discussion



Frontiers Conference 2017Frontiers Conference 2017

21-22 September 2017 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Digital Health Future



Shaping the future of pediatricsShaping the future of pediatrics

20-22 September 2017 – Rome, Italy
Topic: Digital communication tools and strategies for patients and patient organizations



Healthtech SummitHealthtech Summit

26-28 June 2017 – Lausanne, Switzerland
Topic: “Company Presentations on Data Capture & Processing” Panel Moderator



Tech CareTech Care

27-28 May 2017 – Cagliari, Italy
Topic: Digital Health Future



GfK Digital Health 2017GfK Digital Health 2017

18 May 2017 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Towards a Digital Health Future



Health 2.0 Europe 2017Health 2.0 Europe 2017

3-5 May 2017 – Barcelona, Spain
Topic: EC2VC (Investors Forum & Pitch Competition) Moderator  | Opening Keynote: Health 2.0 Trends Around The World



Upgraded Life Festival 2017Upgraded Life Festival 2017

25-26 April 2017 – Helsinki, Finland
Topic: Towards a Digital Health Future



Innovation Village 2017Innovation Village 2017

6-7 April 2017 – Naples, Italy
Topic: Building a Digital Health Future



#MeetSanofi - VIVA health startups#MeetSanofi – VIVA health startups

29 March 2017 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Panel discussion about the world of startup and health innovation



Healthtech Invest Europe 2017Healthtech Invest Europe 2017

15-16 March 2017 – Helsinki, Finland
Topic: Panel talk “How Digital is Transforming Healthcare and Medtech?” Moderator



WIRED Health 2017WIRED Health 2017

9 March, 2017 – London, UK
Topic: SandozHACk – Healthcare Access Challenge Judge



Data Driven Innovation Open SummitData Driven Innovation Open Summit

24-25 February 2017 – Rome, Italy
Topic: “#Future #Dna #Science – Data Revolution in Genomics and Health” Track Moderator



Dublin Tech Summit 2017Dublin Tech Summit 2017

5-16 February 2017 – Dublin, Ireland
Topic: Building a Digital Health Future



Pharma tech dialoguePharma tech dialogue

2 February 2017 – Rome, Italy
Topic: How technology innovation is shaping the future of pharma and healthcare industries



Frontiers HealthFrontiers Health

17-18 November 2016 – Berlin, Germany
Topic: Healthcare meets Innovation



Health 2.0 Fall ConferenceHealth 2.0 Fall Conference

25-28 September 2016 – Santa Clara CA, USA
Topic: Latest trends shaping the health care industry



GIOIN Open Innovation Summit 2016GIOIN Open Innovation Summit 2016

1-2 July 2016 – Saint-Vincent, Italy
Topic: Open Innovation opportunities and risks in Italy and abroad



HealthTech Summit 2016HealthTech Summit 2016

21-22 June 2016 – Lausanne, Switzerland
Topic: HealthTech Summit President



>Digital Health Transformation through Open InnovationDigital Health Transformation through Open Innovation Workshop at Lions Health

19 June 2016 – Cannes, France
Topic: How to create a culture of open innovation



Startupbootcamp Digital Health FastTrack MilanStartupbootcamp Digital Health FastTrack Milan

6 June 2016 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Short peek into the Startupbootcamp ecosystem



Health and Social Media workshop at the Mario Negri InstituteHealth & Social Media workshop at the Mario Negri Institute

24 May 2016 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Health & social media, narrative medicine & digital technologies



GfK Open Lab Digital HealthGfK Open Lab Digital Health

17 May 2016 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Scientific communication, patients role and physicians needs in the digital era



GIOINGIOIN Digital Commerce & Globalization

13 May 2016 – Rome, Italy
Topic: Opportunities coming from Digital Commerce and Gobalization



Health 2.0 Europe 2016Health 2.0 Europe 2016

10 May 2016 – Barcelona, Spain
Topic: EC2VC (Investors’ Forum and Pitch Competition) Moderator



Disruptive Week 2016Disruptive Week 2016

7-14 May 2016 – Milan, Italy
Topic: How the emerging technologies are shaping our business and everyday life




4 May 2016 – Salerno, Italy
Topic: Opportunities of the digital market with a focus on the healthcare industry



European Digital Health Day

28 April 2016 – Berlin, Germany
Topic: How to make money with digital health innovations? Who pays?



Junto Health Spring Summit

21 April 2016 – NYC, USA
Topic: Introducing the beta version of the Member Platform



Junto Health Winter Summit

27 Januray 2016 – NYC, USA
Topic: Introducing the Member Platform



The digital revolution continues: health, labor, education, finance

18 Januray 2016 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Exploring the changes in health



BioUpper training week 2015

14 December 2015 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Opening Session Special Guest



Digital Warriors 2015

28 November 2015 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Building Your Digital Health Future



FrontiersX 2015

12 – 13 November 2015 – Milan, Italy
Topic: Health track guru – Disrupting Healthcare



2015 HBA Europe Leadership Summit

22 – 23 October 2015 – Basel, Switzerland
Topic: Social Media in Pharma: State of the Nation



Junto Health Fall Summit

21 September 2015 – NYC, USA
Topic: Introducing Healthware Labs, a partnership with Junto Health



Healthtech Summit 2015

30 June – 1 July 2015 – Lausanne, Switzerland
Topic: Building Your Digital Health Future



XIV Spot School Award Mediterranean Creativity Festival

30 May 2015 – Salerno, Italy
Topic: Building your Digital Future



01_TheBattleOfIdeas_GEC2015The Battle of Ideas (#BattleMI), an event of GEC2015

17-19 March 2015 – Milan, Italy
Topic: In search of the next Unicorn: digital health startups



mHealth – Mobile World Congress 201502_mHealth_MobileWorldCongress

2-5 March 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
Topic: Global mHealth Marketplace



03_Health_20_Europe_2014Health 2.0 Europe 2014

10-12 November 2014 – London, UK
Topic: Supporting and Empowering Patients Between Doctors Visits



04_HBA_EuropeHBA (Healthcare Business Association) Europe Annual Summit

20-21 October 2014 – Frankfurt, Germany
Topic: Digital transformation in healthcare



05_Campania_Startup_Salerno#CampaniaStartup – Salerno, Italy

15 October 2014
Topic: The perspectives of the Italian startups and innovative companies



06_InnovationDays2014Innovation Days 2014

6-7 October 2014 – Paris, France
Topic: Digital Health Forum: Brining disruptive technologies to Medicine & Healthcare



07_CallForBrain2014Call for Brain 2014 | TEDMED Live – Fightthestroke

12-14 September 2014 – Milan, Italy
Topic: TEDMED Talks Discussion



Seedcamp London

10 September 2014 – London, UK



09_LaBattagliaDelleIdee_SalernoLa Battaglia delle Idee

06 July 2014 – Salerno, Italy
Topic: Disrupting Healthcare



010_012_016_Doctors20_2014_2013_2012Doctors 2.0 & You 2014

06 June 2014 – Paris, France
Topic: How communication agencies are adapting to new strategies of engagement



011_SeedcampRomeSeedcamp in Rome

05 June 2014 – Rome, Italy
Topic: Health 2.0: perspectives and experiences



010_012_016_Doctors20_2014_2013_2012Doctors 2.0 & You 2013

06-07 June 2013 – Paris, France
Topic: Evolving trends in physician adoption and participation in healthcare Web 2.0 tools, social media, mobile, and interactive devices



013_HBA_2013HBA (Healthcare Business Association) Europe Annual Summit

19 October 2012 – Basel, Switzerland
Topic: Executives and the Business Case for Talent Management & Diversity



ICT Eurasia Summit

11-12 September 2012 – Istanbul, Turkey
Topic: m-Health and Social video networking



015_6PremioBestPractices_20126° Premio Best Practices per l’Innovazione

28-29 June 2012 – Salerno, Italy
Topic: Introducing Videum – Health in any language



010_012_016_Doctors20_2014_2013_2012Doctors 2.0 & You 2012

23-24 May 2012 – Paris, France
Topic: Advanced eMarketing and Physician engagement through Mobile, Video and Social



017_68Congresso_SIP_201268° Congresso SIP

9-11 May 2012 – Rome, Italy
Topic: Social Media in Pediatrics



018_eMarketingEuropeMobile2012eMarketing Europe & Mobile 2012

27-28 March 2012 – Barcelona, Spain
Topic: Mobile/Video/Social Media



019_Health20_India_2012Health 2.0, India

3-4 January 2012 – New Dehli, India
Topic: Next generation of technologies transforming health & health care including Videum – Health in any language