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Towards a Digital Health Future

We live in a world of digital ubiquity, where all aspects of our daily lives are being infused with technology that helps us look at, understand and manage different aspects of them in new and more efficient ways – including our personal health and healthcare.

An abundance of data, paired with advanced, intelligent analytics is providing new and deeper insights into individual health needs and the ability to evolve towards a connected health maintenance system, where prevention and prediction of health risks take the lead and personalized therapies and medicines will become the solution of choice, instead of the current one-size-fits-all approach.

This, in turn, is also re-shaping health policy and the health economy, leveraging the cost reducing benefits of a connected preventive health eco-system and participatory healthcare in additional to the clinical ones.

The evolution of health technology is also leading to a new generation of digital medicines, where predictive algorithms and (nano-) technology are taking the place of chemical compounds – a development that is forcing traditional life science companies to establish their place within a larger tech-universe, in which software is the new Penicillin, and where smart and intuitive interfaces are the new drivers of patient engagement and adherence.

This talk combines an in-depth look at the new cutting edge in digital healthcare evolution, combined with an overview of start-up companies that are providing innovative services, able to help transforming health & wellness in ways we were not even considering just a few years ago.

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