Webinar – Digital therapeutics and healthcare innovation 2018-11-23T15:50:37+00:00

Project Description

Webinar – Digital therapeutics and healthcare innovation

This free pharmaphorum webinar saw our expert panel discuss:

  • Growth and investment in digital health, the digital therapeutics (DTx) spectrum and where pharma is active in this space
  • What is a DTx, how the digital health landscape is expanding and what are the benefits of DTx
  • The value of DTx for patients, with some case studies for patients and HCPs (and pharma) and a look at the reimbursement of DTx – what to address and what counts as ‘value’
  • The anatomy of a DTx, the customer experience component, and then a look at the ‘go-to-market’ part of these solutions

Roberto Ascione joined the expert panel along with Megan Coder, Executive Director at Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Pierre Leurent, CEO and founder at Voluntis, Marc Sluijs, Founder at DigitalHealth.Network and Dominic Tyer, Creative Director at pharmaphorum and moderator of the panel.

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