VITA Accelerator – celebrating start-up innovation’s spark

VITA is the digital health accelerator of CDP Venture Capital’s national accelerator network. The Demo Day marked the final day of the first accelerator, entirely dedicated to digital health.

Attended by over 100 guests, from investors and other start-ups to life sciences companies, and industry experts and professionals, speakers included: Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries; Stefano Molino, head of accelerators fund at CDP Venture Capital; and Roberto Ascione, CEO and founder of Healthware Group.

Roberto Ascione stepped on stage to share his reflections and congratulations – notably the philosophy that none can enact change in the healthcare system on their own, and that it is only by identifying existing problems therein that the most valuable start-ups can be brought into being.

A veritable transformation of medicine, then, Ascione said. From acute to preventative, observational to data-driven, from one-to-one to crowdsourced, retrospective to predictive, and fragmented to integrated – now is the moment for predictive medicine, and it is digital that will permit that. There is, he said, no way back.

As the Healthware Group motto states, “Future health is for those who can envision it.

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